Recycling Torn Clothes and Making Bathroom Slippers From it

Making Bathroom Slippers from waste materials 

I have a few of my torn clothes which I can’t use now, so I recycled 2 of my shorts and my broken use and throw slippers, and created bathroom slippers from it. Keeping in mind the sustainability aspect, also during this experience, I came across many difficulties and also learnt many new skills which I wasn’t able to do before. 

LO1 = Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth

I am a design technology (Product Design) Student, but I always lacked stitching skills, but these experiences of recycling products and making bathroom slippers, helped me learn and develop stitching skills. The CAS experience helped me know more about taking exact measurements and different kinds of stitching skills.

LO2 = Demonstrate the challenges that have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process 

The challenge I faced was when I started this CAS experience, in my first attempt I used glue first and was making camouflage bathroom slippers but after I made slippers and tested it by wearing them, glue failed to bond and the slippers got torn, so during the second attempt, I researched and got to learn that stitching creates and stronger bond with a cloth rather than glue. Later on, I learnt to stitch and made 1 more pair of slippers recycling my old torn clothes, At that time I used my stitching skills and created slippers which have a stronger bond. The second challenge I faced while stitching, as I was doing it for the first time I didn’t know the different techniques and the sole of the slippers was so thick that it was hard for the needle to go in it later on I developed the different techniques to overcome the challenges. The stitching skill I developed now would be useful for me in future, as I am a design technology student, the skills will be used in different projects and always can be used to stitch different torn clothes  

LO3 = Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience 

During the CAS experience, initially, I didn’t plan anything and started making the slippers but due to the lack of planning. My first attempt failed the test and the slippers were torn, but improving my mistake I plan my second attempt by taking exact measurements before cutting the cloth, then plan the Stichting from where and how the stitches go and how it will look. I learned that we should always plan first before making a product or else while testing the product it could fail. The learning from these experiences will help me a lot in future for planning or initiating projects. 

Lastly, to conclude the learner profile I developed is reflective of the mistakes I made in the first attempt, I reflected on it and improved it in the second attempt which made me pass my test. This activity benefited me and the environment as I recycled the torn clothes and made a pair of slippers with them, I learnt the different techniques to stitch and if I got a chance to change something if I did this activity again would be, I would plan the project properly and get exact measurements before cutting cloth and the foam sheet. I to contribute the knowledge of recycling the products in society, so we don’t keep on buying new products instead we recycle different products and make a new one out of it. 

First Attempt :

Second Attempt :

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