The Corridors (TNC) | Service and Creativity

The Corridors (also known as The Newspaper Club ) is my school’s digital newsletter and I was given the opportunity to be the webdesigner who made the website and maintained it for a few editions. My initial task was to code the website from scratch based on the preferences of the editors. 

Learning objective 1:

I have a basic understanding of programming languages like HTML, CSS and JS but my knowledge is limited. I could not let this opportunity go and I had to deliver a quality website, thus before beginning this project I had to revise my coding skills and further develop them. The process of making this website allowed me to grow as a learner and as a web developer.

Learning objective 5:

This project was collaborative and thus required me to interact with the editors, understand their requirements from the website and provide the desired results. The process of making this website was long and challenging, we had multiple online meetings to discuss the structure and aesthetic of the website. The need to understand someone’s needs and provide a corresponding result showed me the importance of collaboration. Because the editors don’t know how to code, they had to collaborate with me and without it the website would have been impossible.

Learning objective 6:

The intention of having a digital newsletter is to provide a platform for writers to publish their literary works and also provide free, accessible information. The newsletter contains sports news, informative articles and study tips which are intended to help all student readers with their studies and gain access to more knowledge. Just like this, we move a step closer to making information accessible for everyone and at the same time sharing & promoting young writers and artists.

In summary, this project allowed me to grow, develop new skills and be associated with an initiative which would help make the school community more inclusive and open-minded.

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