Learning Waveboarding | Activity

A waveboard is a two-wheeled, human powered vehicle similar to a skateboard. I got one when I was 11 and used it for a few months and since then it had been sitting in storage collecting dust. During the pandemic, out of boredom I started to ride it again and felt that riding it normally had gotten monotonous. I wanted to learn a few tricks and different techniques. Thus, with the help of youtube videos I started to practice new tricks.

Learning objective 1:

I had known the fundamentals of riding a waveboard since I was 11 therefore I already had the balance and motor skills required to casually ride one. However, this activity was an attempt to grow and to improve upon the aforementioned  skills. This is where I identified my strengths and worked upon further developing them.

Learning objective 2:

Learning and practicing new tricks turned out to be way more difficult than I first thought. I fell countless times, injured my knees and elbows several times and had to practice for hours before I could get a trick right. It was very challenging to learn without any personal guidance from an expert. Practicing for hours would build up sweat and was very exhausting, especially in the summer heat.

Learning objective 4:

Having to deal with failure again and again became a tedious process. It took me about 50 tries before I could land a single flip or any other trick. It became difficult to keep morale up at times and it was only with consistency and perseverance that I was able to learn these tricks.

In summary, through this activity I learned new things and got myself to exercise while also strengthening my core balance and improving my fine motor skills. This was a good and predictive passtime for me so I choose to continue learning and practicing riding the waveboard. 

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