Learning a New language

Learning a New language

I always wanted to learn a different language apart from what I already knew. When I watch youtube videos , and see people speak their language makes me even more eager to learn it and being able to understand it. And Cas gave me a reason to invest time into it and learning it. I took help of an online site, Duolingo, which  is where I learnt a new language.

The most interesting language I knew was spanish and that is the language I went with . For his activity I only learnt the basics, which were a few daily used words and phrases.

It was really interesting to learn a new language apart from the one we already knew, and understanding what other people’s language really mean.

L2. Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills

It was the most challenging out of all, learning the new language itself was really hard but apart from that, memorising the words and their meanings and translating them in my mind and remembering them, it was like learning the alphabets all over again and not knowing them. It was challenging obviously because I have not grown up learning or talking that language, and it makes it harder learning it in a short period of time.

I have done something similar to this quite a few times, when I was in each of my parents’ languages, it was a similar experience.

I did somewhat overcome the challenges faced but not completely because I dedicated a short period of time to this activity, because I just wanted to learn the basics and not the whole language which is why I have not completely overcome this challenge. I might face the same challenge again when learning another language, it needs the commitment to overcome the challenges and dedication to learn these languages completely and not just the basics, commitment is also needed when learning the basics while maintaining the phase of learning the language, to remember it.

L4. Show perseverance and commitment in CAS experience

I had to commit to learn the whole language, so that I can learn it properly without any hesitation. To learn spanish I had to commit to it, not only to learn it properly but also because , I learnt it online on duolingo and would get daily rewards which increased my levels and the speed of learning, and that’s why I had to commit to it.

To conclude, It was a great experience learning a new language.I developed the learner profile communicator and knowledgeable, knowledgeable when getting to know about the language spanish. This activity did bring a sense of accomplishment and enjoyment to me, as to experience the language, and after finally understanding the words and phrases it brought excitement to me. The learning from this activity would help me in the future when exploring the world and meeting new people and while communicating with them.


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