Home workout

In this activity I had to do workouts at home, on alternate days. Everyday doing different kinds of exercises, which included running, jogging, cycling, core workouts skipping, etc.
The goal for this activity was to stay fit and be physically active during the time of the pandemic where gyms and sports centers were closed and schools due to which sports and outdoor activities were cut down from my schedule. Pandemic had restricted me to go out which decreased my outdoor activities which made me lose most of my stamina and made me lazy. This cas activity gave me an opportunity to gain that stamina back and be active throughout the day and be less lazy.

L1.Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth
As t was work out, it definitely made me identify my strengths and weakness throughout the process. My strengths were that, I liked sports so it was not new for me, so it wasn’t hard for me to workout, and I was excited to do some workouts because I had not done anything for a while, so the workout was a good start for me.
There were a lot weakness, that Identifies, which were that I din’t have enough stamina, I was not able to do workouts that lasted very long, because I had not played sports in a while so I lost my stamina.

L2. Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills
The most challenging part of doing this activity was keeping these workouts constant and doing it everyday, and because of less stamina it was hard to do these workouts after a long time. And getting used to the pain.

L4. Show perseverance and commitment in CAS experience
While having a goal for workout, one thing you need throughout the process is commitment and patience, commitment to do it daily or as per the goal set.And commit to what we are doing for a given period of time , which automatically results in success. This may be the hardest part to focus and stay steady to working out but have the best results.
This commitment of doing it weekly made me alive throughout the day, kept me active in doing stuff that I would not do normally, and made me less lasier.
It is not really easy for me to commit to things , I get distracted way too easily and because of the pendami staying at home, watching tv and mobile was our only routine , which made it even harder to step out of the routine, but at the end I do complete things but takes time to set to it.

The learner profile that I developed are balanced and reflective, reflecting on my strengths and weakness and on my skills made me improvise, and balancing , in the sense of physically balancing while working out and and mentally being able to balance my mind while attempting the workouts.
I did feel a sense of accomplishment after the hard work that I had put in, in doing this workout, I will continue doing small workouts that will maintain my energy and my stamina.
There would be nothing that I would change about this activity, if it was perfect, I got to do different activities everyday, which was not only fun but helped my body regain the energy and strength I had before.

To conclude, home workout helped me stay active, healthy and fit at the same time, which also taught me to stay committed to things from which you want great results and also patience. And also helped me gain my stamina back after the laziness that the pandemic bought in me.

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