Trek in Dang

Trek in Dang

For this experience I went on a trek in dang with some of my family members. We did a little trek to a waterfall covering approximately 30 km , 20 up and 10 down. As for the service part the money for the trek was given to the villages for their personal use like for crops and basic necessities.

We went there during the pandemic which gave us a chance to explore the nature again and do something physical after a long time while being quarantine.. It was a change to move out from our house and go outside and feel everything again.

LO1: Identify own strength and develop areas for growth

During this activity rather than identifying my strengths, I actually developed my skills and strengths like my stamina, and my physical strength, while trekking up the mountain and down. Due to the pandemic, it got really rare that I have done any physical activity which reduced my stamina. And after trekking, it really developed my skills and bought back my strength and stamina.

LO2. Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills

The challenges that I faced during this experience was the walking 20 kilometers itself, it was a really long and tiring trek which made it super challenging. It was a really steep mountain which made it harder to move down without slipping. And there were big rocks that we had to climb. The amount of strength we needed to climb up was also challenging to me 

Another most important challenge that I faced was balancing my mind and my movement, it was hard balancing on a steep mountain especially when moving down. I had control of my mind and balance at the same time, there were a lot of distractions which made me sometimes lose my balance and end up slipping. Concentration was also needed, concentrating on the path, and following the path shown by the guides/ villagers.

It was a really fun activity. We got to stay the whole day and spend the whole day with the people of the small village, had to copy their lifestyle and got to experience how they spend their day, from farming to making food and hunting for food. We also shared our cultural food and lifestyle with them.

I developed the learner profile risk-taker, balance and communication, risk-taker was climbing the steep mountain, communication was sharing or exchanging lifestyles and food, and lastly balance as explained earlier.

At the end of the day it benefited both of us , we got to trek to the most beautiful waterfall and the money was donated to the villagers to fulfill their needs and wants and also for their crops.

The highlight of my experience was to trek to the most beautiful waterfalls there and also to be able to swim in the water fall after the long trek .


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