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Cooking is an art, science and also craft by using heat to make food for consumption. It is very important to learn cooking because not always someone will make food for you and there will be a time where you will have to help yourself for the same.

LO1: I thought that cooking is nearly impossible for me because at first I was not even able to apply proper bread on butter, but as I grew up I started to observe that I am not so bad at it. I once made my brother maggi and he loved it so much he told me to start a YouTube Channel. From that time I understood that everyone can cook, you just have to learn it through observing others.

LO2: Only making Maggi and applying butter to bread is not what comes in cooking. It is a very wide area where you can also make a career. There are so many famous cooks like Gordon Ramsay, Maneet Chauhan, Sanjeev Kapoor, Joel Robuchon and many more. Cooking soon gained my interest and I tried new things each day. I also faced many difficulties while trying to cook new things like, Cooking requires lots of effort and time which I didn’t have as I had to study for my finals and also was busy all the time. Cooking was totally new for me and so I dropped a lot of food in between and cleaning it was a total mess.

LO3: From the start I had decided to make new dishes and one of them was cauliflower paratha which was totally a new dish and it was really tasty as I ate 2 of them myself.

LO4: This really was a great experience and I want everyone to experience it once in your life. Now I can make simple things and so I don’t need to worry even if I go Out to study somewhere where I have no other choice but to make my own food. Now I also cook sometimes when I need urgent food for myself.

I also Learned cooking through internet:

This site helped me understand what skills an amateur like me should know for being a good cook.

After learning cooking I told my mum that I will make dinner one day and I did. I did not make the whole food as I was new to it and my mum did help me a bit to make me learn even better!

Here are some evidences:


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