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Rapping is a type of poetry using literary techniques such as simile, metaphor, rhyming, onomatopoeia and other forms of word plays to make a song with beats inside it. Rap songs help teenagers understand language, its use and the power of language craft and also at the same time entertaining them.

LO1: I always thought that I was bad at singing and had no scope in it, but after watching the movie “Gully Boy”, I understood that there are many forms of singing and not only singing in a sweet voice can entertain people. I tried rapping for the first time on the song “Apna Time Aega” from the movie “Gully Boy” and I was actually good at it! Then I thought of making my own Rap Songs and posting them on YouTube and other social media platforms. My first Song was on Covid-19 Pandemic as it was locked down at that time and I was fed up of it, so as revenge, I made this song.

LO2: During the making of the song, I faced many challenges as it was my first rap song and i didnt have any experience on how to write my lyrics so I had to spend a lot of time on the internet to learn about how you can make your own lyrics. I also didn’t have any mic and also didn’t know how to edit audio that made my rap quality even worse. 

LO4: As it was my first rap, I didn’t expect too much from it but I did get a lot of love  just from this song I made at my house and that boosted my confidence even more and I immediately started making another Rap. This time I thought of making a Rap song on a cause and so my friend suggest me to make a Rap on “Rape”. This also got a lot of love and it was far more better than my first rap song. I was very happy that I was making something for a cause and everybody supported me for the same. My Third rap on “Life Struggles” will soon be published on all Social media platforms including YouTube and I will share the link as soon as possible.

LO6: I am trying to make most of my rap songs on global issues as I want to play a small role myself in helping change the world through my words.

Here is the YouTube video link of my first rap:

Here is the YouTube video link of my second rap:

Here is the YouTube video link of my third rap:

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