(Creativity,Activity,Service) Project 2: Economics club

I am heavily interested and involved in economics and my career path is interlinked with the subject. So when an opportunity to join a economics club came I took it. I joined the club not only because of my love for the subject but because I wanted to get better at it. The club would give me the opportunity to pursue the subject in an out of school environment in which the I could pursue the subject in different variations. (L1, L2, L4, L6)

L1 Did you identify your strength and weakness?

My studies related to economics used to be very school and textbook oriented in which real-life applications were absent. By joining this club I could strengthen my studies of economics regarding real-life examples which otherwise are not taught in the school.

LO4 What made this activity difficult where perseverance or commitment was necessary? How did that make you feel? 

No this was the first time I joined a school club. As it was my first time I was not familiar with the functions of the clubs but after some time I was familiarized with it.

LO2 What was so challenging?

As the activity was done in the height of the pandemic all the commitments were made online as a member of the club I was by default subject to multiple debates and discussions relating to economics.

LO6 Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance

The Economics clubs main focus were real life global issues. By debating and writing articles for the club I have had the opportunity to dissect into many issues such as global warming and the effects of covid in the global economy.

To conclude I believe that the activity was fruitful and educationally rewarding. Going forward I will take part in more of club related activities as i have had a good experience with the economics club.


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