Project 5: Cooking (Creativity,Activity,Service)

I have always been interested in cooking it is a good way to take out the stress and pressure built up during the day. Cooking is also an essential task in which is done in almost every household around the country. In my house I do not do the cooking partly because of school and partly because of my lack of skills. However in university i will have to cook my own food so I believe it’s best to start to learn cooking to be more prepared for the future. The activity was split between 4 weekend in each weekend I would learn to make a dish (L1,L2,L4).

LO1 Did you identify your strength and weakness?

Before taking this activity I was an below average cook. Although I liked to cook I did not cook every day thus the lack of practice was not helping me improve my skills. Because of my lack of practice I was not ready to cook for myself let alone for others.

LO2 What was so challenging?

The complex recipe and instructions were hard to follow as i had followed the recipe the first time.

Have you done anything similar before? 

No usually i cooked alone without any guidance and I usually only cooked unhealthy food the kind that would not be possible to eat everyday the food i cooked for this activity was healthy relatively easy to make and are staples of the Indian diet the ones that are eaten in my home almost every day.

LO4 What made this activity difficult where perseverance or commitment was necessary? How did that make you feel? 

By learning to cook at this age I could prepare for college and be able to cook my own food this would be greatly beneficial for me firstly it would be healthy as eating what you make at home is always going to better then eating food made outside your house. Secondly this would be me pursuing my hobby which is also a lifelong skill.

Doing this activity one thing I realized is that how good you cook is proportionate to the amount of practice. And i could not learn to make the dish well in the first attempt.

The highlight of the experience was eating the dish as the activities success was judged by the taste of the dish.

I believe this activity was a success as I accomplished the purpose of the activity of learning 4 new dishes and improving my cooking skills.

I feel a source of fulfilment when i cook. I enjoy cooking and it is one of my hobbies. Naturally when I was taking part in this activity the activity brought me enjoyment and a sense of accomplishment.

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