CAS experience 5 : Cycling

Cycling is the best way to rejuvenate as well as come in contact with nature. Cycling helped me refresh my mind. Initially when school was online, I would try to go cycling everyday so that I could go out and have fresh air. This helped my mind to get a small break from the studies. Now, since we have to go to school and then have my classes, I don’t get a lot of time on weekdays, so I try to cover it on weekends going for a longer time. On weekdays, sometimes the classes which are near my home, I prefer to go on cycle so that air pollution is reduced and for such short distances we don’t have to remove activa or car. Cycling has also helped me to become more fit. Cycling is such an activity that sometimes can be done individually or with my friends. This helps us to interact, enjoy and workout altogether. 

Learning Outcome 1 :

I was able to identify my strengths and weaknesses. When I started with cycling I had never thought about realizing my weaknesses or strengths. But gradually, I was able to see my strengths and maintain them. My strengths are I enjoy cycling and am very much passionate about it. My weakness was endurance. I initially had less endurance and so my aim was to increase my endurance and to be able to cycle a long distance. I tried to cycle short distances but everyday so that slowly I am able to build my endurance and then tried to start long distances but slowly. I am still working on the weakness.

Learning Outcome 2 :

Some challenges I faced were sometimes I wouldn’t get time to go for cycling. Additionally, sometimes getting up early in the morning was also difficult. Since the morning period helps me decide how my whole day goes and what things I have to do. I have to make sure to do something light to get power for the remaining day. I got to develop new skills as part of this process and it was also a fun experience. Cycling helped me to gradually wake up early and develop this habit. Another challenge was initially I would get a lot of body pain, since I wasn’t accustomed to this. This would demotivate me and stop me from cycling. But then I have and am still trying to overcome this challenge.

Learning Outcome 3 : Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience

I had organized myself and made a weekly plan for going cycling. I always motivated myself for going cycling. Despite using many tools, personal management skill is the most important skill which takes a lot of effort. However , I have gradually improved my personal management skills. I used apps like sports tracker to keep track of how often I go cycling and how much distance I cover on a daily basis. It is important to organize and plan which makes our task easier. Also by tracking my cycling I got motivated and slowly started increasing my sessions of cycling.

Learning Outcome 4 : Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences

Perseverance and commitment play a major role.  They both work hand in hand for a person to succeed. They help us stay focused towards our main vision and also help us achieve it. Initially things were harder to balance but gradually as we get used to it they sound easier. To complete this activity I had to stay committed. There may be difficulties that come but I had to overcome those and stay focused upon the aim.  I had to be committed to wake up early and go cycling. 

Learning Outcome 6 : Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance

In the wake of experiencing the worldwide Covid pandemic, each citizen has been more perceptive towards their wellbeing and the environment they live in. This prompts attention to numerous ecological issues, one of which is air pollution. I began to do my part by cycling. I also asked some of my friends to join me so that we could work together towards the issue. I not only used my cycle for early morning workouts but also whenever I would go for classes nearby or for some work I would prefer to take the cycle. This reduces my carbon footprint(we were taught about this in ESS) as a green method of transportation.

Finally, cycling is a great activity that permitted me to refresh myself which was restricted when there was a lockdown imposed and I had become lazy. The sport was quite beneficial for my mental and physical health, moreover, it’s beneficial for the environment and society as a whole too. I acquired numerous new fundamental skills like time-management, wellness, being independent and a green strategy for transportation. It was a magnificent experience that permitted me to go out of my schedule on my ordinary day. Overall, it helped me refresh myself and start my day with full power and intensity. Cycling has now been something I am passionate about and will surely continue to do.

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