Marwadi Mother Tongue Event

Mother Tongue Event was a fantastic step taken by school and some group of students to promote and inspire students to converse in their native language with their family members or the ones who know the language. Also significantly to show that they feel proud to speak in their mother tongue and show nationalism from where they and their family members are. The event happened on 21st february when World Mother Language Day is celebrated. With the Mission to To inspire students to converse and promote their native mother tongue languages

Now comes my role in that, I also assisted Marwadi team and planned the event to show the pride towards my Mother Tongue ‘Marwadi’ also as a part CAS experience and make the event memorable & fun. I had planned the activities that we can conduct in the session and flow of how the session will run with school’s language acquisition team, Ravi sir and Rhea maam (Guest from outside the school who conducted the session with us). I also developed schools mission as my vision To inspire students to converse and promote their native mother tongue languages for this event.

During this session there was a major pandemic issue the whole world was fighting against ‘Covid – 19 epidemic’ and due to which many countries had partial or full lockdown. We had to conduct session online only through google meet and it restricted us with activities that we elect for the event. All discussion and planning meetings were done through google meet due to closure of schools. One more external factor was affecting that was that there was lower attendance of students in online classes compared to offline as students were not taking these sessions seriously and lesser of interesting activities and experiential learning. It was even more hard to have more conversation national activities for students and plan out sessions that need basic resources. But, fortunately we figured out much interesting ways of making the event fun.

Initially this was a project taken by me and few other group of students. As a team we decided to conduct session in five languages Hindi, Marwadi, Punjabi, Marathi and Gujarati. But later on they draw backed their names from the project due to lack or interest or some other issues. Even after that I continued to assist Marwadi team and plan the session for Marwadi mother tongue because it was global opportunity for me to give respect and pride to my mother tongue.

We also created a google slide presentation that included of activities that we were going to conduct in the sessions and welcome song. This presentation was created by me and school’s Language acquisition team. This includes of interesting dialogue in Marwar, famous songs in marwadi and well know marwadi/rajasthani artifacts as part of pictionary game. This was also a brief/summary of how the session was.

Link to Presentation :

Learning Objective Achieved :

LO 1 : Identify your own strengths and develop areas for personal growth.

Throughout the sessions I was little agitated while conducting the Pictionary game or introduction because at that moment I realised that I don’t know my mother tongue well. I can speak it fluently when somebody starts the conversation with me but can start the conversation from my side or write it and that made my confidence down by making me regretful for my standing at knowing my mother tongue. I also get confident while presenting out presentations as to lack of confidence and practice a lot. Sometimes I feel like what will others tell about me when I convey the wrong statics, data, facts or conversation. How will I answer them if I am wrong. I having working on this weakness and making it my strength by participating in speech and dramas classes or standing in front of mirror and giving speeches before the presentation. Definitely this Event helped to overcome it a lot it helped me to become more comfortable with others and confident that no matter if you are wrong just convey your learning and there are people to correct you. Also to accept if your wrong.

LO 2 : Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process.

There were many challenges during this event as mentioned above Covid-19 epidemic. Huge restrictions to events and activities as we weren’t able to conduct interesting, team, and one on one conversational games. Lack of support from audience as unfortunately there were only 2-3 students and teachers who attended this event but was a lot interesting with them also. They had actively participated in the session and gave many correct answers to the questions. I also was little feared and agitated before the session that was back supporting me to drop out but then I motivated myself with goods words and phrases and prepared confidently for the event.

LO 3 : Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience.

I had planned this experience with some group of teachers from the school and out guest Rhea maam. We had collaboratively researched or thought of games or activities that we can conduct and decided the flow of event and what activities will be conducted by whom, welcome song and conclusion. Me, Sarika Maam and Rhea maam had conducted this session with decided roles and in support Kavita maam, Sneha maam, Rajana maam and Sita maam were to make this event more interesting and cover up where we lack in front DP students of Fountainhead School. Guest was contacted by Sarika maam and Ranajna maam.

LO 4 : Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences

This experience had lot of dedication from each of the Marwadi team members. It was a good and fun event. It involves lot of dedication from my side as well. Initially this was a project with small group of students than they backed out and it was carried on by group of teachers and me. Keeping track of everything, editing the slides and conducting the session was a tough time for me. But at last it became a successful event with even less participation

LO 5 : Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively.

This project had a good amount and equal amount of collaboration and participation from each of the teams members. Researching and thinking the activities, evaluating the interest index of it, translating dialogues and songs to marwadi, developing a flawless presentation in Marwadi, finding out the perfect welcome song, conducting the session, invite the guests and support in the ongoing session.

LO6 : Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance.

There is significant issue of mother tongue in our society. If we promote made in India so much, implement policies, campaigns and fairs to advertise the slogan ‘ Made in India more ‘. Then why are we speaking in english or using english is that made in India or national and diverse languages of different regions of India are Made in India. Promoting english boards or dreaming of to go for foreign university with studies in foreign languages is this Made in India. School having french as option or other foreign languages as option is this Made in India. Students talking to their parents in English instead or hindi, gujarati or their mother tongue is this step to show Make In India, Made in India or Respect to India’s cultures and principles.

LO7 : Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions.

This experience impacts a lot. Promoting mother tongue is a significant change to be brought in India to fully satisfy India as independent and does not use foreign products. We have been disrespecting mother tongue a lot since few years. Not using them is the biggest disrespect itself. Sameway as to buying and foreign made product and not Indian made product.

Promote the mother tongue show the respect to your nation.

Evidence for CAS experience :

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