Picking Up Trash At Beach

The Dumas beach in Surat is littered with trash. The trash makes the beach look worse than it actually is. People often visit the beach and cycle to and from the beach and there are many shacks on the beaches that are dependent on the beach and the more the trash there is the less people visit.

Me and my Friends decided to help by going to the beach to pick up trash and so we divided tasks amongst ourselves.My role was to bring the cleaning supplies, that included gloves and trash bags. It was fairly easy to organize the activity as it wasn’t as extensive or difficult.

Cleaning the beach was easy but very time consuming.The weather was also very humid as we were working close to the sea but we managed to gather about 3 large bags’ worth of trashin the end.

Collaborating with the others was easy as I consider them close friends and when we came up with the idea,it was only a matter of time till we did it.I generally find working with others easy as everyone can play a part and makes the task at hand much easier.

The issue that we were focusing on is the plastic and trash that is being thrown on the beach which makes its way to the ocean harming life beneath the water. It also jeopardized the shacks that are dependent on the public coming to the beaches.

Before doing this activity I ignored the trash and never thought about how our decisions can affect others. I understood that littering can affect the people who work at the beach and the marine life near the beach .It changed my perspective and helped my understand how our decisions affect others.It also pertains to the SDGs 6 and 13 , clean water and sanitation and Protect the planet.

This activity helped me develop the learner profile, Responsible. I took action in tending to an ongoing issue and doing my part as a responsible citizen.

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