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Hi! i’m Tvisha Patel , an IBDP student at Fountainhead School. I’m a passionate art , creativity and start up businesses. I’m good at organising events, management and expressing my creative art style in all that i do. As a part of my cas project i initiated a flea music festival dedicated towards appreciating creativity in all form be it music, art , fashion or culinary , i plan on expanding this event idea and pursue it as a side business in the future. I’m passionate about travelling and exploring new places which is what i plan to do in my gap year after graduating high school. i’m passionate about classical music and i want to learn the violin and piano, music form of art is something i have not gotten the opportunity to explore yet, but i’m very interested in doing so.

I want to enhance my speaking skills , which I am actively trying to improve by engaging in social events.

I plan on pursuing a career in the field of art and design , this decision was hard for me to take as i have always had to face judgements from many people , art is not seen as a career worthy subject and its awareness in india is still not developed. therefore, i plan on moving to either united states or to united kingdom to do my undergrad degree and maybe move back to india to develop my career.

As my last year of school comes to an end, I can feel the responsibility of becoming more independent by the day, this is very exciting for me because i enjoy exploring and learning on my own , I am thrilled to have new opportunities for growth and i am curious to have complete freedom away from home, i am very excited to start this new chapter in my life.

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