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Hi! I’m Tatva sanghavi, a 17 year old from Surat, India. my star/zodiac sign is Aries , i don’t hold a strong belief in the star signs but i do fancy gazing the stars , an unpopular opinion it keeps me humble as it shows the length of our universe and to have attitude like you are something in this universe, is arrogant and stupid as their is so much we don’t know. there are a lot of things i don’t believe in , but there are few things i believe in those are everyone has some kind of purpose in this lifetime , everyone is significantly insignificant in their own ways , there is a higher power , you can never know everything and yes there is alien life , if Mr.musk can’t find them i’ll surely try to do so.

I am currently in the second year of the IBDP programme at Fountainhead School. One way to describe myself would be that I love to experience new things, be it food, adventure, sports, books, places, etc. i love playing sports doesn’t matter which one i am playing I like to spend my leisure time reading or fiddling with my tool box or drawing something while playing music in the background , bottom line is i don’t enjoy sitting idle. I am well balanced with general knowledge and athleticism , i make use of my time very efficiently . I believe that growth comes from within and meeting new people,deep down i am an introvert but i can make conversation if i have to moreover i enjoy my own company. 

All my childhood, I have always been passionate about building stuff out of scratch and since i am an atheist while respecting every religion therefore leading my propagation toward science immensely , hence i want to become an engineer . while having creative skills nonetheless other skills are valuable too, i am a person who gets bored when there is nothing new to learn , i yearn to get or learn things i didn’t know earlier , one can say i am a curious person . lastly when everything pushes me down, music helps me and few animated characters, it brings me pure joy.

My outlook on life is very simple never to run from who you are and never settle for ordinary . I personally believe that a person should not keep on looking for their Ikigai or purpose in life, as life is too short to try on everything and by thinking this way finding purpose in our cosmos is mathematically impossible thus, i believe it has never been about finding purpose it has always been about creating yourself .

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