CAS Experience: Prajna Yoga


Prajna yoga also known as the intuition process is a combination of Yoga and Meditation. As the other name suggests the process is designed to increase your sixth sense ability. I learnt this process through an Art of Living course 2 years ago and I had followed it religiously for 40 days, as instructed by the mentor. After those 40 days I didn’t continue the process so I thought of doing this process as a part of my CAS experience to enhance my sixth sense and well being. So I took on the challenge of doing this process daily which takes approximately 30-40 minutes for over 2 months.

Learning Outcomes:

L1: Identify their own strength and develop areas for personal growth

Before doing this process I was well aware of the fact that although I am good at initiating the process, however I could easily break the chain while doing the process. Maintaining commitment and concentration are the two things which I really need to work upon and this process made sure that I developed both of these things as I continued doing the process. The intuition process makes sure that we try to listen to our inner voice/sixth sense, while being relaxed and focused at the same time. I have a hard time making decisions between two things, and I’m very much confused while doing so and this process ensured that I mastered this skill as well.

L2: Demonstrate that they have undertaken challenges developing skills in  the process

Following and practicing this process regularly was a hefty task to follow. In this process, we had to ensure that we do the process before eating food. Moreover we have to maintain our concentration while doing the process. While doing this process the main task was not breaking the chain, and following that was the hardest task for me. I have done this earlier for 40 days, so following it this time was a little bit easier for me than the first time. After completing the challenge I really feel good about my dedication. I think more than doing Prajna Yoga, it’s the concentration and dedication you put in which help you imitate the same in some other tasks.

L4: Show commitment and perseverance in their CAS experience

The main thing about this process is that once you continue it you cannot take even a single day’s break in between, and if you do so you have to repeat the process from the start. To ensure that I didn’t let my school work come in between my experience and I ensured and made sure my schedule was clear at the time I wanted to do the process. I even informed my family members to remind me once before eating food, that if I have done the intuition process or not, this ensured that I didn’t break the rule and even continued doing the process efficiently.

Final Takeaways:

In the end, when I completed my 2 months of following the process I saw a better version of myself who was more relaxed and better at making decisions as I was able to recognise if the process is beneficial for me or not. Although a hard task to follow, these 2 months are a portrait of discipline and commitment as a follower for this process. This process has helped me stay relaxed and focused at the same time, which was the main factor driving myself to follow this process. I think I can say now that I have successfully completed this challenge, through which I have developed my concentration ability and have become a more balanced person at the end of the day.


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