Kundalini Yoga is the most intensive course of yoga. The process of Kundalini Yoga involves breathing, mantras, kriyas and mudras. The process of Kundalini Yoga is to open the third eye of the body which can give us a new perspective to matters. I had heard this story of Lord Shiva and how he had burnt all his negative traits, by opening his third eye, and when I researched about it, I found that Kundalini Yoga is the process to open the third eye. This interested me to take up this challenge, so I thought of doing this as it even helped me cope with the hectic schedule and balance my body and mind. So I took up the challenge to this course daily which takes approximately 45 min for over 2 months.

Learning Outcomes:

LO1 – Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth

The main thing which I found challenging for this project was that this was the first form of Yoga, which I would do without taking formal training, and it being completely new for me, I had to make sure I had found the proper instruction online, that I could rely on. And I guess the most important thing in any form of challenge is that you should never break the chain, and in Yoga you should do it before consuming food. So knowing these 2 hard to follow challenges, I prepped my mind to accomplish this task. I think working on my dedication and breaking the chain aspect would really help me in everyday tasks.

LO2 – Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process

There were mainly 2 challenges, which is applicable for any course I feel, one is time-management, and the other is dedication. I think to manage my time, I had to vacate my schedule and create space for this new task, for that I choose the time, after studies or before school, because it was exam time, so I had to really make sure I don’t let this activity hamper my results. Secondly, for the dedication part, I made sure I take out time from my free time, and rather than watching episodes and videos, I utilise my time here. Other than this, I informed my parents to update me, before dinner so that if by mistake I miss to complete the day’s process, I do it and don’t break the chain. I guess mastering this skill will really help me with other long term challenges in life.

LO4 – Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences

I believe, dedication is the main thing about accomplishing such tasks, be it exam preparation days and so much study load, I think I found it very hard to keep up with the challenge. But as said earlier, to accomplish something you have to take some pain and give it some time, which I did and I think the results were even fruitful, I was definitely de-stressed and this free time allowed me to relax myself for further studies. In the end, I would say it’s easy to plan out that I will be able to commit things and perseverance is easy, but when it comes to follow, it becomes really tough, but once you start with it after some time it just becomes a habit.

Final Takeaways:

I think this process has really helped me during exam time and it was worth taking time out for this process, this is because it really gave me some time off studies, which boosted me up to go for further study sessions. More than this challenge has helped me become balanced and a more dedicated person in the end. In the end, I just feel so happy to complete this course and to enjoy the external benefits other than the completion of CAS.


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