Learning new techniques on guitar

This CAS activity is about learning to play faster by using guitar exercises to improve my dexterity and speed. This will allow me to play faster and more complex songs in the prog rock genre such as Brain Dance by Animals as Leaders.


I had to identify where I was lacking.I came to understand that my dexterity needed improvements and that I could not play faster.This was an important step for me because it is impossible to progress in any parts of life without assessing your own strengths and weaknesses.


What I found very difficult in the song that I mentioned and I realized that the song had a very irregular pattern,the artist Tosin Abasi has incredible speed and accuracy in playing irregular patterns and it was difficult to follow so I made a plan to work on my motor skills.


I used the major scale pattern but modified it to make it more challenging. I played alternate notes which initially threw me off guard but as soon as reached a certain level of proficiency I started to learn the notes of the song and played slowly and kept increasing the speed until I reached the final tempo.


I practiced for an hour everyday for a week to improve my speed and it took about 2 weeks in total to learn the song. It took a lot of time and effort but it was worth it in the end as I got better and could play faster and more complex songs. 

During this activity I developed the learner profile, Principled. I dedicated time and effort into improving my skills and implement exercising to help me play faster

Brain dance by Animals as Leaders

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