During the lockdown I had become very lazy and unfit.I sought some physical activity that will motivate me to push myself out of the house.That is when I got the idea of cycling, but the problem was that cycling alone was really boring so I invited friends to come cycle with me.


It was challenging for the first few days, waking up early to go cycling.We rode from my home to the dumas beach which is 10 km away.On the very first day I had muscle soreness after riding 20 kms which is a lot but as I started cycling frequently the soreness went away.


If I was alone procrastination would have gotten the better of me but I struggled through. Sometimes the weather was cold and sometimes it was hot but the challenge was overshadowed by fatigue. We would always take a break at the beach because our legs were tired but we never turned back.


At that moment I realized having friends doing something with you gives you a lot of confidence and motivation to get out of the house and keep going because everything seems easy when you are having fun. It also meant that I had to push others as a leader. It happened many times that I had to wake up early to make sure that the others are at the meeting point on time.

This activity was very fun and CAS offered me an opportunity to experiment, try new things, push myself harder and motivate myself to be better. It made my more Open Minded and open to new ideas and experiences.

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