Going to Gym

During the lockdown, I had lost weight and was very unfit. I took a good look at myself and decided that I am old enough to go to the gym and that I desperately need to increase my size and build up muscle.


During the first few weeks of going to the gym I had a BMI (Body Mass Index). It revealed that my skeletal muscle mass was low and my body fat was higher.It meant that my muscles were slowly deteriorating during the lockdown.


During the first few weeks It was challenging but I exercised regularly. I started eating healthier and made a few changes to my diet which was hard for me at the time but the most difficult part of this activity was balancing my schoolwork and the gym.It made my schedule a little more tight.


Even though the excersises looked very daunting having friends with me to help push each other and motivate each other helped in increasing our progress. It also helped that we challanged each other and tested our limits making sure that we push ourselves even harder.

After going 2-3 months my physique saw a lot of progress, it made me more confident and more adept to changes and balancing my life. It helped me develop the Learner profile balanced and reflective.

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