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Cycling is the only sport that I can do anytime even if I am alone as it does not require a team. Me and some of my friends planned to do cycling on 14th of March (Sunday).


LO1: I am good at any sport I play as most of them requires a flexible and sprinting body and I meet all of its expectations. Just being swifty is not going to help in all sports such as Cycling, so I also wanted to test my endurance. As I live beside Ghoddod Road Surat, It is really far from VR mall and so we decided to cycle to VR mall from where I lived.

LO2: I haven’t cycled for years (2-3 years) which made me even more rustier and also difficult at the same time as I had such a far target. Not only rustiness was the difficulty here, the scorching heat was also one of the biggest difficulties I faced during this activity. I was so hot, it made me exhausted easily but loosing hope was not an option for me. I also didn’t have a cycle and so my friend suggested me to take a government cycle for the same.

LO3: Planning was very important for me here as I was testing my endurance for the first time so I had to take it easy. We decided to take a break for 5-10 minutes in every 2 kilometers to make our task a bit easier.

LO4: After completing my task, I was so enthusiastic with cycling, I decided to by myself time do it every weekend. I can be difficult to do it every day because I have to complete my studies.

LO6: In today’s world there are millions of vehicles on the road which excrete so much CO2 that is harmful for the environment and is one of the main cause of global warming. Understanding this, I have also decided to take a small role by taking a cycle rather than car or two wheeler which pollute the environment.

LO7: As it is Covid-19 pandemic, it was hard for all of us to take permission from our parents to cycle this far but we all were granted with it. We took all safety gears to complete our goal like wearing masks all the time to prevent from getting infected by the so called Coronavirus.


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