CAS Experience – Gym


Being fit and building my body was always my goal, and I wanted to achieve this goal by playing sports and doing many activities. Though due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I wasn’t able to do many activities. I saw many of my friends going to the gym and getting stronger and more flexible, so even I started going to the gym, to achieve my goal and gain strength.

Learning Outcomes

L1 – After going to the gym for a few days, I was able to identify my strengths, my flexibility and adaptability was great and I was able to do many excercises because of my flexibility and adaptability, and perform hard excercises as well. Though I had to work on my weight training, as I got exhausted very soon due to the lack in stamina and endurance.

L2 – During the first day of my gym, I was getting tired very soon, I had muscle pain and soreness, I wasn’t able to do many exercises as the intensity of the training kept increasing, though, with some rest and understanding of postures in exercises, I was able to deal with the pain and do more intense training.

L4 – The training and intensity of exercises grew higher as my body was adapting, though there were many instances where I got completely exhausted and wasn’t even able to stand up. Though I showed commitment and was regularly attending the gym even though my body was aching.

Learner Profiles

Risk-taker – Even though I got weared out in between workout and I knew that the exercises could have caused cramps and high pain, I took the risk, and now I am getting quicker and stronger.

Thinker – I discussed and developed my daily routine, nutrition, and workout plans with my coach. I even researched on diets of different athletes and even sportsmen to understand about my nutrition, exercises, and recovery.


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