CAS Project – Collection Drive


Planning a CAS project is difficult yet a great experience as we get to organize and plan activities, and even collaborate with others to make it successful. Our CAS project was to organize a collection drive and donate all the collected items to Goonj, a non-profit organization. I collaborated with Maan Rathod for this project. We gained a lot of experience from this project. We also faced many difficulties for things such as permissions, location, coming up with a poster design and etc. Though in the end, all worked well, and we successfully collected 7 boxes from the collection drive.

Learning Outcomes

LO 1 – Even though, we had quite difficulty planning the collection drive, we had our own strengths and skills which helped us to organize the collection drive, I initiated the conversation with the staff of VR mall and explained our project to them so they may understand and grant us the permission for collecting items at VR mall, similarly my partner had other strengths and skills which allowed us to overcome our problems, though a few issues still existed despite our efforts, like posting about our project on social media, though we sorted that out later.

LO 2 – There were many challenges that we faced during this project, creating a presentable poster, there were a few issues with the design of the poster – description, and choice of colors, which we sorted out by making another poster. We referred to other posters to come up with the final design. We even had difficulty in getting permission to organize our collection drive at VR mall, as we had to call many people who often didn’t pick up their phone, we finally had a talk with the staff at their office. This took us about 5-7 days just to take permission.

LO 3 – Planning such a big event was difficult not only due to the difficulties faced by us during the project but also, planning and creating a timeline for the CAS project. Me and my partner first created a document, which contained the decided location, description for our poster, and all the items which we could collect, we planned on how the project would proceed, from whom we need to take permission, number of posters, social media, boxes, and cost. Though everything did not go exactly as we thought but we resolved our problems.

LO 5 – Working on this project helped me to understand about collaboration, as there would have been many issues if I was to do this project alone, with the help of my partner, we were able to make this project successful. Though there were many instances where me and my partner were not agreeing to – colors and design of the poster, who would put the idea of the project on social media, dividing costs, and etc.

LO 6 – As the project was organizing a collection drive to collect usable items from people, we thought about how our small efforts and decisions will help all the people around India with warm clothes, books and even toys, we even catered to a few SDG’s like – No poverty, and Good health and well being, by organizing this collection drive locally, we collected these items so that children and people in need may get these items.

LO 7 – There were many choices which led to successful outcomes, but there were few decisions which led to disagreement and argument. Our expected budget was around 2500 Rs though the actual cost was much greater than this, and me and my partner were arguing about the costs and what further could be done. Further, time management was also an issue, which led to a few issues and arguments with my partner.

Learner Profiles

Communicator – We communicated with many different people, known and unknown. We needed to convince VR staff and management team to allow us to organize this event, we asked our friends and family about this project and their views, and even communicated with strangers while collecting items from them.

Open-minded – We were open-minded as we were open to opinions and views of other people about our project. We even got suggestions about our selection of location, and changes in the planning of our project, which we took positively and even implemented them.

Caring – We were very focused on this project, as we knew that all the items which we collect are going to people all around India, so we carefully packed them and even sanitized them, as it is important that people receive sanitized items so that the infection does not spread.

Reflective – We reflected upon on every decision we took, and discussed to improve even the smallest of issues. After planning and organization of the project was done, we reflected upon how we could have managed our responsibilities better, and that we don’t repeat them.


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