Feeding Dogs : CAS : Service

In today’s world, most of the dogs population is stray, roaming around on roads and are finding food to help them survive. I don’t think anybody should live a life like this even if its not a human, every living being deserves to have at least a full stomach and so I decided to help every dog I see by buying some food and feeding it to them.


LO2: Difficulty I faced during this task was to tame the dogs, at they were wild and could attack you anytime, I had to first tame them and make them understand I am no threat to them.

LO3: During the completion of this task, I learned a new ability to calm the dogs and make them feel that I am no threat to them. It was a kind of voice from which dogs felt safe and come to you with no intention to harm. I also learnt communication skills as after food I had to give them water which at that time I didn’t have so I had to ask strangers and surprisingly they helped me because i was doing something good by feeding the dogs and that also boosted my confidence and so I also started convincing others to not harm to dogs for the same.

LO4: After feeding some dogs, they were so cute that it made me emotionally attached to them and after that I decided to feed a dog whenever I see one on road.

LO6: Stray dogs are in danger as most of them do not get food and most of the time they are what people are scared of even if they mean no harm to them. No living being should be treated like this even if its not a human and we all should understand this and act upon it at all costs.

LO7: As it is Covid-19 pandemic, I will be feeding the dogs and public and so my body would be revealed to others and can get infected by the virus and so for my own safety I had to wear mask all the time and feed them so that I will not catch the so called Coronavirus.


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