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hii, i am Heer Viradiya, a 17-year-old student from fountainhead school, Surat. i am in my final year of school and will be graduating in may 2022. I enjoy playing sports because it allows me to express and reveal my true self, as well as cooking and exploring new things. I won’t claim I’m talented at a certain work, but I’m highly interested in it and have given it my all to master it. Because I am really enthusiastic about sports, I used to spend the most of my time on the fields exercising and developing my activity, which helped me gain a spot in the national games in high-jump in 2019. Aside from athletics, I also like skating and football. As I was raised in an Indian home, I developed a passion for food at an early age and used to cook for myself; as I grew older, I considered pursuing it as a career and becoming a chef. I always like physically exerting myself; going to the gym is my way of unwinding after a long day. this is where i could be with myself.

Like any other human being, I have flaws that I would like to change, such as being more patient or not making impulsive decisions. Working on these areas will most likely help me become a better person in general and give my full potential to any task I do.

Living in a culture that has certain stereotypes about women makes it extremely difficult to get over them and accomplish something you enjoy, especially coming from a home that is open to the world but is bound by societal expectations. I decided to pursue a career in culinary arts at a very young age, and become a chef, I discovered that it’s very difficult for my grandparents to accept the fact that I had chosen a career like this, in comparison to other kids my age pursuing careers in fields like business, engineering, and architecture. they weren’t quite happy about it because it was a career option where I would not ‘earn enough money.’ Despite this, I continue to pursue my goals and pursue my interests.

I will soon be 18 and moving away from home. As my last year of school comes to an end, I can feel the strain and burden of the responsibility that I will soon have to take over, but on the bright side, I will have various opportunities and freedom, which makes me even more thrilled that I will soon be starting a new chapter of my life.

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