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On Friday, 16th of October I crashed while riding my road bike. So I got injured a little in the legs and arms. But my bike was in a much worse condition. Naturally it meant I would get a week off riding. This would have a detrimental effect on my training so I thought let me cross train through running and so I also stay in my habit of waking up early.

Learning objective 1 strengths

I could run decent distances for a beginner. But my speed was just pathetic. I ran longer distances towards the end. To work on my speed I did 1km intervals of running and then 2 of walking at a faster pace.

Learning objective 2 challenges

Running for me is very difficult as the impact with every stride I take is very demotivating and painful a few kilometres into the run. However I  still tried to go longer. I always push myself to go faster at the end of my run in the last kilometer at about 75% and then almost sprinting for the last 200 meters. Road running is a strict no-no. Horrible on the (knee) joints.

Learning objective 3 planning

While I love cycling, I cannot say the same for running. However the way I plan my routes for cycling, I did the same regularly for running a day before the run each day. 

Learning objective 4 commitment and perseverance

I made sure to wake up before the sun was up. The cool weather made my run quite a bit fun. I prepared my equipment the night before. I did miss to run on 2 occasions but I made sure that I ran in the evening. I ran at least 5km everyday but it turned out to be a minimum of 6 everyday.

Learning objective 7 ethics

I believe running is the most environmentally sustainable sport. All you need is clothes and shoes. In other sports you required other equipment. For cycling other than the bike itself, you require oils (made up of petroleum), washing it down every week and so on.


This experience helped me to stay in my habit of waking up early which is essential for not only my primary sport, cycling but also elsewhere. It also helped me slightly make my upper body a little better than cycling, because of the arm movements and core tension. Some day I’d like to complete a full iron man of 2.4km swimming, 180km cycling and a full marathon (42.2 km) run.

Learner profiles:

Reflective: I went through my data on strava after each run. I especially reflected on my kilometer by kilometer paces. This allowed me to understand my run better. 

My fav (because quite fast and decently long) run which i ran on the 4th day

My longest run, could barely walk in this one at the end

(this is one of the 8 dogs which i feed, also found in cas service experience )

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