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LO 1

Identifying my strengths was easy enough, I could make sandwiches and other bread dishes well because it required less cooking and also not so much patience. I found baking to be quite boring due to waiting for long periods of time. I got annoyed by making pastas due to the stirring. But what this essentially means is the lack of patience. After a few dishes/sessions I improved by a lot. And I diverted myself in making sides by the time it was being baked.

LO 2

I challenged myself to cook 20 dishes in 2 months and i thought it might be decently easy but it turned out the opposite of it but the ib workload didn’t allow me to make so many. I could cook only on the weekends. However it was still enjoyable. Another (funny) challenge was the specific hand movements and the consistency of it. Be it the jalebi circles or chopping small pieces, the consistency couldnt be achieved. However, it doesn’t need to be perfect as it’s going to be crushed and digested.

LO 3

I started by planning about the dishes I wanted to cook. It allowed me to get the ingredients ready before the weekend to avoid any last minute rushes to go and buy the missing ingredients.

LO 4

Despite the workload even on weekends, I put consistent efforts into cooking and continued for 2 months as planned. However, without the planned 20 dishes, I did 16.

LO 7

I put extra efforts to not waste every ingredient. Nearly 14% of the food produced is wasted and 60%+ comes from households. I also included some healthy dishes in my planning to take care of my health. Especially sugar, I planned to include less sugary dishes and deserts.


Risk Taker

I made efforts to put my own twist to the recipes i followed and also tried to innovate new dishes by my own. This was easily done by substituting a few ingredients in different wraps.

I reflected after eating about how to dish could be made better. This significantly allowed me to work on improvement for my next dishes.

pasta. and a burrito bowl.

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