Economics club – CAS Reflection

 2 months after the start of the year where my knowledge of economics was developing, my seniors especially Ananya Jain and Ruhan Desai decided to conduct an Economics Club. This club was a medium through which I could share my understanding and knowledge while also receiving others opinions and angles of knowledge which were not known to me. This club catered through meets, tasks and also debates the central subject being Economics. As it was conducted during a pandemic, it could not be done physically as that could have been a lot more exciting. The goal of being involved in this group was to develop knowledge as well as interpersonal skills throughout the life of the club. 

LO1-Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth

In the classes and online meet, the knowledge of economics was quite present and I knew it was my major strength. However, as classes progressed, a major weakness I saw in my arguments was never comprehending a different side to the story. Repetitively justifying my points was not helping my argument on its own but what i had to do was understand before responding. Thinking about the consequences of my weaknesses like misinterpretation or unhealthy interaction, I felt good about the fact that I discovered my weakness instead of being in denial. Even a simple conversation between 2 friends requires some understanding of the opposition which is why as soon as I was aware of my weakness, I tried to improve upon it by making maximum efforts to understand the opponent. This helps in efficient transfer of knowledge with everyone who i interact with.

LO3-Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience

The club proposed major challenges in terms of regular tasks as well consistent participation and presentation during every meet possible. I had to write articles and submit before stringent deadlines which was a major problem to me, being a subject to procrastination. I had to keep sub deadlines to ensure that my work reaches my supervisors in time with quality. The major skill I developed was to simultaneously manage quality with time restrictions which will help me in future assignments and tasks, especially in universities. The importance of this skills is it helps you manage efficiency and derive the same quality of work regardless of how stringent the time bounds are which make us flexible for future tasks and work. 

Final Takeaway:

To conclude, the economics club was a significant contributor to my skills and also has helped me in knowing my weaknesses and strengths. The major learner profile attributes showcased during the economics club are “inquirer”,” communicator”, and “thinker”. Through repetitively asking doubts in order to increase knowledge of the subject, communicating my opinions as well as supporting them with valid data, and thinking and comprehending about the concepts I learned, I displayed the respective learner profiles. The major highlight of the economics club was the first debate between capitalism and communism, the club had many benefits but a personal one was that it was fun to do something unique that no one ever catered to our school which also gave me zeal to continue with this club.   This club was centered towards economics which is why it also helped in understanding subject specific concepts and terminologies related to it. This club or CAS experience was a significant achievement as I also developed interpersonal skills like communication, representation and public speaking which are applicable in different subjects and daily activities. This learning could be applied to not only different subjects but different interactions and relationships I establish with the people around me. 


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