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Experience – Creativity

Entering 11th it was becoming important for me to decide about my future, and my path ahead in life. DP was the right time to select a specific field I would like to enter ahead in college. Thats when I decided to enroll for Inverted Prism Carree culster course which provides me an opporunity to get to know about different careers. I enrolled for four different course sessions which were Chartered Accoutant , Entreprenure , Business consultant , Fasion Designer. These were some fields in which I was intrested in , and this course provided me different angles about these caree’s like Detailed information , PPT , On-job simulation , Career expert.

Learning outcomes –

LO 1 – Through these sessions and from on job simulations I undertood in what field I am better, because it helped me understand my charcteristics and where can I improve to get more into the selction of my career field.

LO 2 – These on job simulations were very new to me and was at times like professional level which made it difficult for me to perform them , still I did my best. It was even more challening when I had to answer questions verbally to ma’am as I felt scared if I give wrong answers in front of many students.

LO 3 – I made a detail plan of how I will go about these sessions to extract more information , knowledge. I made schedule of how I will prepare for this session like by doing background research , then using running notes strategy to note down the key points made by experts of that particular field. I even made a reminder table of these sessions as it was a 3 week course.

LO 4 – As it was a 3 week course and every session was filled with immense knowledge and insights , commitment was highly required. Which is what I did , I was attentive at all times so that I don’t miss out on key points and ideas and remain persistant for sessions throught the course.

LO 7 – I recongized that if I don’t think about my career now then I will have to take a break year as I will then first have to think about my career and then according to that I will have to give college application. Means beacuse of my carlessness before I would have had to waste one year of my life. And if I would have not applied for this course then I would have missed the golden chance of getting access to a course like this which provides me more than enough ideas , knowledge , opportunity to ponder upon my career selection

All in all this course has given me a boost to think about my fture and has develpomed myself as a indovidual and made me more mature to think about my future. And has also made me understand about various career’s I have intrest in. This experience has devlopemd my learner profile knoweledgeable as it provided information about real life work of various careers. And to some extent it even devloped my thinking skills as I now have started to think deeply on my future after this course.


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