feeding cows as my CAS (activity & service) (LO 4, LO 7)

cows are considered holy animals in my religion, my grandpa used to feed them daily, and i also used to go with him on weekends, after he passed away, i decided to go there every week to feed cows, i find it very satisfying.

LO 4 -:

after the schools started i only got the weekend for my own time, but going to cow shed felt very time consuming, as i used to wake up late and had plans all day long, but as i was committed and persistant i continued the same, also this ritual is very close to my heart and so i didn’t want to give up on the same, everyday someone from my family used to go to feed cows, but on weekends it was my duty, it is very hard for me to commit to things, i am much of a procrastinator, and after falling back a lot on my work i used to quit, but this time i made sure to go every weekend, pay salutes to cows and reminisce in my grandfathers memory.

LO 7 -:

it is only ethical to feed mute souls, because we are the ones who destroy their habitat and source of food for our benefit, then it is our duty to create new habitat and food source for them, this ethical issue always affected me i am very emotional towards animals and seeing them suffer really hurts my heart, hence i want to do something for them, whenever i went with my grandpa i used to hide behind him, being afraid of cows but now i don’t find them scary but joyful.

My final takeaway is that it is our duty to help animals, and we should wholeheartedly fulfill it, so we can successfully live upto the term “humanity”

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