beach cleaning as my CAS activity/ service (LO 2,LO 5, LO 6, LO 7)

beaches are the places we visit to be relaxed and when i saw litters lying around i was very furious, i wanted to do something, so i thought of a beach cleaning session with a few friends of mine, we went there on 13th march and cleaned the entire area where people relax, and where the stalls are, also informed the stall owners not to spread litter, it was a good walk and exercise.

LO 2-:

this experience was very challenging, As there was a lot of ground to cover, and the beach was very trashed, and at 9:00 in the morning with the sun up above our heads, we were very tired, and started sweating, plus the whether was windy and the sand was coming up in our eyes manier times, this was the first time i had done something like this, I felt really great having undertaken this challenge, because i really like cleanliness and want to help make our surat clean, maybe watching me clean the beach, some other people also would have thought about the same, and even if they did not clean, they wouldn’t have spread anymore litter. We should undertake new challenges it allows us to learn more and more skills.

LO 5-:

as i was with my two friends, the entire beach cleanup happened a lot faster, the phrase is right” 1+1 is 11″ i could not imagine if i were to clean the entire beach alone it would be really tiring and time taking, me and my friends divided areas, and if there were some problems or something heavy was found we would help each other in the same. so i have to say there were many benefits in collaborative working in this experience.

LO 6-:

the global issue connected to this experience was sanitation, i came to know about this by the UN SDGs because they target the global issues and also is very authentic, my work in the CAS activity feel a bit better about the global issue, as i know that i also have taken a step towards this issue and feel a bit responsible.

LO 7-:

it is only ethical that we should keep our surroundings clean, there are animals roaming around the beach and god forbid if anyone swallows a piece of plastic they would die, it is our responsibility not to litter, this affects me as well indirectly, as i am very caring towards animals, before this activity i did not find littering such a big problem, but after finding so much trash a small part of beach i was completely shocked and it changed my whole point of view

this activity benefitted others as the belongs to everyone, and everyone who goes there now, can enjoy a more cleaner and better beach, also the animals there are now less likely to eat hazardous material. the highlight of this experience was when a new group of people joined us in our quest to clean the beach, that was very proud moment for me and my friends.

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