gymming as my CAS (activity) LO 1, LO 2, LO 4

throughout lockdown i had been very lethargic and lazy thus slowly my fitness was also deteriorating, i decided that i want to join gym and correct my posture, increase my stamina and build muscles, as i have a gym inside my building it was very easy for me as well, so i contacted my friends gym trainer and set the time for 9:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

LO 1-:

My major weakness was my fitness, i was not fit at all, but as i recognized it i have been slowly increasing it, the first week we did exercise for the whole body to open up muscles then we started to increase endurance, stamina, etc. everyday i tried to push my limits and work as hard as i can, we should know about our weakness so that we can turn them into our strength, like i am trying, i have some improvement and i am trying to be more fit. I also eat a lot of junk food, my trainer advised me not to do so, and also provided me a diet plan which is protein rich and healthy.

LO 2-:

after an entire year of resting, suddenly doing so much physical activity is very exhausting, and hence the activity was very challenging for me, as i go to gym daily, my body is now stronger and i keep increasing my fitness, after so much time my body is bound to improve so it seems pretty reglar. another thing that i find very challenging is the timing, which is 9 pm to 10 pm it is very late and i am very tired by the time i reach the gym, so there were times when i was sleepy in the gym, then my trainer advised me to drink black coffee and then come, black coffee freshens me and so i can perform well at gym, i found it very helpful that i undertook this experience, or else i would have remained very unfit, because of this in the future i will have to worry less about my health and continue to live my life with fun.

LO 4-:

after every session my body used to ache, i used to have pain all over, and it seriously challenged my will to continue going to gym, but because of my commitment and perseverance i am still continuing gym, but now my body hurts less after gymming, normally it is very hard for me to commit to things, but i believe when it comes to one’s health, one should never compromise.

my final takeaway from this activity is that health is wealth and we all should try our best to stay fit and commit to improve our health so that we can live everyday tension free.

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