Learning to cook as my CAS experience (creativity)

cooking is a skill that every individual should know, it is a very crucial step towards becoming an independent individual, my experience for the same was not very fruitful, i was even unable to peel a potato at first, i felt like a complete nincompoop, but then as i continued i began to get a hang of it.

LO 1-:

My strength is that i can learn new things very fast, but my weakness is i get easily distracted, which slows my learning speed, i find it very helpful that i know about my weakness and strengths, now i can focus on not getting distracted and listening to what my mom was telling me, this helped me a lot as i used to keep my hands free of all the fidgeting toys, so that i don’t get distracted, i used to be present in the moment and learn properly. i Believe it is very important for us to know about our weaknesses as then we can try and convert them into our strengths.

LO 2-:

This experience was really challenging for me as i never really understood cooking, i mean how am i supposed to know how much salt is enough ( according to taste ), when is water properly boiled ? when the small bubbles show up or the big ones ? and hence it took me a lot of time to understand the same, i still can just cook recipes with proper measurements and steps. I feel great that i have undertaken this experience cooking is a skill that everyone should know, it is very important in order to be independent and hence i found this experience very helpful and also fun. i can use this skill when i go to study abroad this skill will surely come in handy.

my final takeaway is that if we try we can overcome our weaknesses, and also, learning new skills that can help in making you independent is very important so that we don’t rely on anyone for our own survival.

the evidence :

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