Beach Cleaning – CAS Reflection

Me and my friends collectively decided to go to the dumas beach to clean it. The goal of this activity was to clean the habitat so the people and animals that reside there get a clean surrounding for survival.  These small steps as an individual also help in retaining the aesthetic, ecological and economic value of the beach and could further inspire people to do the same. It also helped in achieving sustainable development goals like life on land, sustainable cities and communities, etc. 

LO2 – Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process

There were no challenges in cleaning the beach as the smell, the waste was what people caused them and it was what we had taken the responsibility to do. The major problem besides cleaning was we were not able to instantly change the behavioural patterns of the people living there. Even while cleaning the beach, some people were throwing their waste having no regard to the consequences it caters to. Cleaning the beach was a temporary solution while eradicating the origin of the problem was something which was very hard which is why in order to overcome it, we decided to share awareness as well as communicate with the people in the surrounding to persuade them. The skills that i represented was leadership skills by taking up responsibility to clean the beach as well as trying to forward it ahead. This leadership skill could be useful in leading a movement as well as ensuring that the focus of the task is not disturbed. This skill also helps in taking accountability of situations I as an individual am involved in. By performing new experiences I can learn new skills which could help me in adapting to different circumstances and perform to my maximum ability. 

LO5 – Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively

Me and my friends worked together on this project to get larger results and benefits from the task we perform. Our motives of the project were very clear even before performing it which is why cooperation was automatically present and we also worked towards the same direction. A large number of people would be very hard to manage but we were 4 which was relatively manageable. The importance of working together is that an individual develops and learns the aspect of communication, consideration, cooperation which have implications everywhere we go as we face interactions every moment. Working together also helps in collection of different ideas and more actions which lead to more beneficial results. We all acted as leaders with no individual having an upper hand so that cooperation is prevalent throughout the task. 

LO6 – Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance

The major issue was sustainability and the disregard our communities have toward the environment. They are very significant as not only they govern our survival but it is a primary aspect which has intrinsic value. Animals, plants, soil, habitat also have an intrinsic value and should not be treated as per the value it gives us but the value it possesses regardless. My school has provided me with sufficient knowledge about the importance of the environment which has led me to take considerate and knowledgeable decisions which has led to my personal growth. I, as an individual have become more accountable towards the external environment .

 LO7 – Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions

The ethical aspect involved in this was whether it is right to travel and visit places in a pandemic as these visits could supposedly cause impacts on our families and the people around us. This issue made me reconsider my decision, however, I decided to maintain social distance as well as reduce the frequency of going to the beach to compensate for the risk of getting affected. I think visiting for 2 days was a responsible decision to take which I do not regret and would not change if I had to do it again. 

Final Takeaway 

In conclusion, cleaning up the beach was a responsibility of being a member of the community and improved my mental wellbeing when I participated in it. The learner profiles I displayed in this activity was caring, thinker and knowledgeable. I was caring towards the environment as I cleaned and spread awareness about it. I was a thinker as I thought about the repercussions and benefits my actions would cater to before actually performing it. I was knowledgeable as I thought of ways in which we could be accountable towards the environment and performed the most efficient ones. This activity benefited others as the environment they live in was improved which would improve the conditions for survival, even the aesthetic value that contributes to mental peace was improved. I learned the ways I could perform my responsibilities, spread awareness and even collaboratively working. My learning from this could be spread further to increase the sustainability of different communities and influence people from performing certain actions which could lessen the origin of the problem in the first place.  

Evidence :

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