CAS Experience- Vistosa Festival

Learning Outcomes- 2,5,6,and 7

The Vistosa Festival is an event managed by 8 girls of The Fountainhead School. The festival was held on 6th and 7th March 2021, with more than 1000+ visitors. The festival’s sole purpose was to donate the gained money to Disable welfare trust of India founded by Kanubhai Tailor to support the education of deaf and dumb students. For this fundraiser event, each of the volunteers contributed their time, hard work, and creativity to bring the idea into reality.

LO-2 and 5
Planning an event of this scale was not an easy job. From the arrangement of the stall, decorations, entry passes, managing stage performances, receiving government authorization, daily communication with volunteers, deciding venue, marketing, and everything else. As this was the first time for everyone we faced a lot of difficulties however the major one was communication. Everyone was working on their tasks, and nobody made sure to update the entire crew which created a chaotic atmosphere for the first time when we met at the venue for planning. However, meeting 2 days constantly allowed the team to get on the same page and work together. It was easier to work together as schoolmates, everyone had the same image for the event due to being in the same culture of school.

The purpose of this fundraiser event was to address one of the sustainable development goals, quality education. Education is one of the most powerful and proven vehicles for sustainable development. It is important for students with disabilities to also have an opportunity to build their place in this world and it can only happen with the right education and training. Supporting global issues like quality education is a small step to bigger change and being a part of it feels delightful.

One of the ethical issues that concerned us while planning for this event was the time we were conducting it. The coronavirus cases were increased during that week however, the event was continued with maximum safety. The crowd was increasing at a rapid speed on both days, which made us close the entries for almost 30 mins to get it under control. The government had allowed us a range of public and we were trying our best to limit it. Personally, we handled the crowd very well during the rush hour and the event passed safely without any problems.

At last, the event was one of the best experiences I had. It felt amazing to be a part of something so big handled by a group of girls studying in 11th grade. All the volunteers were amazing and so was this event. It was a risky event but it was worth it, and I hope with all my heart that it becomes a girl tradition for the upcoming students of our school.

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