CAS Experience (Beach Cleaning)

I’ve been doing IB since last 5 years and throughout this journey, the most important thing I’ve learnt is about environmental sustainability. A clean environment is a must for a healthy lifestyle. I feel that nowadays we humans are act very careless and litter garbage around. After the lockdown, I reflected upon all various human actions and it’s impact on the environment and other life forms. Taking a step forward, me and my friends decided to go and clean up the beach in our city. We decided to go there for 2 weekends and clean up as much we can.

Learning outcome 2

The most challenging thing was the situation of covid 19. We were around 7-9 students who chose do the beach cleaning as a service. It was weekend and as we know people like to enjoy their weekend with their family and that is why we had to work in a crowded place with all the safety precautions. We had masks, gloves and sanitizers to protect ourselves from corona. We have cleaned the beach manier times as a part of service but this was first time for all doing this in a situation where there is deadly disease all around us. We were able to manage to work in this situation by following the safety protocols and after this experience we all felt more stronger by working together in this situation and doing something good for the environment.

Learning outcome 3

Since the day I decided to start a beach cleanup drive, I’ve introduced the idea to a few people I knew would be interested in helping out. Following that, I invited a few of my friends to join us because we couldn’t gather in big numbers due to covid. This event taught me a lot about leadership. I made it a point to be highly organised, not just for myself, but also to urge the rest of the group to do the same, because this task required all of us to work together for a greater good of the society. Since beach cleaning involved the use of certain equipment such as gloves, garbage bags, and masks, I requested each individual to bring their own resources to make the process simpler.

Learning Outcome 5

Working collaboratively has always been a plus point for me because it helps us interact and also make the work/activity more lively. When people come together, we share different perspectives and ideas to execute the task easily and that’s what happened in this case. We divided ourselves in pair and were scattered around the area and started doing our job, each pair of us collected at least 2 bags of garbage from around the area. Teamwork helped us complete our task easily with inputs from all the students and in the end we all were happy to spend some time together cleaning.

Learning Outcome 6

The primary concern was sustainability and our communities’ disrespect for the environment. They are extremely important since they not only manage our survival but are also a major feature with intrinsic value. Other living creatures like animals, plants, trees  and the ecosystem all have intrinsic value and should be respected not for the value they provide us, but for the value they possess regardless. IB education have helped me gain knowledge about the importance of the environment, which has encouraged me to make thoughtful and responsible choices, which has contributed to my personal growth. As an individual, I’ve grown more responsible to the outside world.

Learning outcome 7

Meeting during the COVID-19 pandemic was the sole ethical problem in this experience. It would have been extremely dangerous for ourselves and others if a large number of us went to clean up the beach. We took a few COVID precaution to overcome these ethical difficulties. We didn’t conduct any publicity and instead asked individuals who were interested one by one; just 10-15 persons would be allowed to attend the clean. We’d all be wearing gloves and masks and maintaining social distance the entire time. We also separated into smaller groups in order to maintain social distancing and safely complete the task. 

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