Cooking will be a growth area for me because i only know the basics of cooking it, but after this experience, I can confidently assert that I know a thing or two about cooking and that I can support myself if I am on my own during college or at home.

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I was already familiar with the fundamentals of cooking, but I was unaware of any advanced techniques, so I learned them from my mother, who also served as my supervisor. I planned all of the dishes a week ahead of time so that I could gather the required ingredients.  

I began this journey as a challenge because I knew I only knew the basics of cooking  but not , but I wanted to learn how to cook so that I could prepare a variety of meals for myself and others. I had to deal with a variety of issues, including time management, patience, and protection. Cooking requires patience, which I had, resulting in a successful meal management, as I had to multitask, which was a challenge, and  as cooking can be dangerous, which is why I took all precautions. It was difficult for me to learn because I had never cooked before. I overcame all obstacles by handling more effectively, such as when I finished cutting vegetables, I threw the waste first, then proceed to the next step 

I cooked   three to four  times a week, whenever I had the opportunity. I had to cook a dish several times before I got it right. I got injured while doing so , but I still continued making sure that I didn’t repeat the mistake . This was also helpful to me because it would assist me in my college studies.

One of the most important aspects of this experience was commitment and perseverance, as I am a little bit lazy, so I had to be dedicated and maintain my interest in cooking. Cooking requires a lot of time and effort, and the most critical aspect is dedication. Commitment and perseverance are very important because they increase the quality of work we do because if we don’t commit to our activity, we won’t put much effort into it and our work will suffer as a result.

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