Cycling is one of the best way to become fit and also at the same time have fun ,  due to the lockdown caused by covid pandemic , my both mental and physical health were affected as i was not doing any activity and also become lazy due to that , i decided to do cycling as cycling helps build muscles in the lower body and increases the strength , endurance, stability and balance 

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I began to recognize the  strengths and limitations from the very first day while doing cycling . I couldn’t maintain a steady pace over long distances as I did cycling after a long time . I got exhausted and started to get body ache as my body was not doing any sort of exercise for many months due to the lockdown,  i overcome my goals by making decision to conquer my overall aim of staying fit   , i realized the only way to grow is by pushing myself and overcoming all the obstacles 

I have not done cycling for a long time which made harder for me to  start cycling as  i did not have the willpower to do the same because of the obstacles faced during the process , the other challenge was obviously covid 19  as during the time of covid we need to follow all the safety guidelines  , wear masks and maintain social distance ,  while cycling wearing mask it becomes  difficult to breathe which also affects the speed and stamina , to overcome this problem i decided to do both indoor and outdoor cycling ,  on alternative days i do indoor and outdoor cycling  so that i can  overcome the issue of breathing and also limit the risk of covid 19

I use several things in  order to  become more responsible , i used reminders in order to  become more responsible  and to motivate myself I kept rewards , by completing a hour of cycling i will play games for 1 hr.  ,  I made goals to increase my stamina ,  speed , endurance  ,  other than self management , and motivating myself    , self management  , using the fitness tracker app i set goals , made schedule on what time I will go cycling ,   

Apart from the physical benefits, it also supported me in reducing school -related stress.. Cycling, on the other hand, would help me to also explore nature simultaneously , Furthermore, I encountered the most fundamental life skills, such as observing, being independent, and being responsible, being time  manager  

There are millions of cars on the road today that emit a significant amount of CO2, which is harmful  to the atmosphere and one of the primary causes of global warming. Understanding this, I’ve chosen to be a  part of saving the environment by riding my bicycle  instead of driving a car or riding a two-wheeler, all of which pollute the environment 

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, it was difficult for me  to get  parents’ permission to cycle outdoor , but at last i got the permission as  it is stress reliever and also improves the mental and physical health  and also as all necessary precautions were followed for the experience to achieve our goal, such as wearing masks at all times to avoid infection by coronavirus

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