feeding stray dogs

While stray dogs are not affected the same way we humans have by covid 19  , in particular there is a closure of many eateries which earlier dogs used to get food from , and made it harder for them to find food   ,  even if they are fed they do not live as longer as  domestic pets , because they don’t have access to medications 

so I decided to help every dog I see by buying some food and feeding it to them.


LO2: Everything you do has some challenge and difficulty in it and also feeding dogs was not an easy task. the first difficulty was finding them as stray dogs mostly hide from the main roads because of the heavy noises  Another difficulty I faced during this task was to tame the dogs, at they were wild and could attack you anytime, I had to first tame by getting there attention while remaining cautious and make them understand I am not going to harm them in any manner

LO4: After feeding the dogs there was a sense of attachment with them they    and hence i become emotionally attached to them and after that I decided to feed the dogs on alternative days   whenever i find them

LO6: Stray dogs are always  in danger as most of them do not get access to proper food  and medications every time , by feeding stray dogs iam catering the global issues like animal abuse , global hunger ,  it is equally important for us humans to take care of all the other living beings and make sure we are not putting them into danger ,  even though i am doing a really small role but i am  still contributing the global issue 

LO7: As i will be feeding the stray dogs during covid 19 , i might get exposed to it as my body would be revealed to others hence i will make sure for my own  safety wear mask and sanitize my hands at all times to avoid any risks  ,

In terms of ethical concerns, feeding street dogs that aren’t well-treated, have anger problems, or aren’t vaccinated is  risky. Living on the streets without food, water, or shelter, on the other hand, can contribute to such actions, which should not take away our willingness to help. I strongly disagree with the idea of not approaching a dog because of a small danger,

evidence – https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1-E7Jzp9yJtS8dTNuZxwEzGZtpLQJBXyR

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