CAS experience 6(Learn 5 different asanas in Yoga)

Activity- Learn 5 different asanas in Yoga, and practice that and 15 minutes of Meditation everyday.

During these stress times when I had a lot on my plate- studies, submissions, art works, etc, I read somewhere that yoga and meditation are very efficient in making one feel relaxed, focused, and helps to reflect on our actions. Also yoga and meditation are known to have many health benefits like mental peace, good health, etc. Since I did not know much about yoga and meditation, I took this as an opportunity to learn 5 different asanas of Yoga, and different types of meditation online, and practice that 20-30 minutes everyday in the morning.

The learning outcomes I focused on were LO2, LO4, & LO7.

LO2- Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process

Many yoga asanas need balance and patience to get it right. It wasn’t like I was able to crack different asanas just in the first few tries. Not just yoga, but even meditation was quite difficult to do. Staying 15-20 minutes, quiet, eyes closed, and just alone was boring and hard to do. There were times when I just wanted to go back to sleep thinking I would do something productive at least. But after a few days, I felt the peace and perspective it brought in my daily life. It was just amazing, I was more fresh, more energetic, more confident.

LO4- Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences

Still after a month or so, it was hard to wake up at 6:45 or 7 in the morning after sleeping late, I did miss many days, but most of the time, I got myself out of bed. And I couldn’t have asked for more in return. I changed my entire night schedule to make time for 7 hours of sleep for me so that I would wake up in the morning energetic. I turned my lights off at 12 sharp, I completed all of my TV, studies, and reading before 12. I even had a schedule for the morning. For the first 15 minutes I would meditate, then I would perform different yoga asanas for 20 minutes, then I would reflect on my actions, feelings, etc in a journal for like 10 minutes. Once I trained myself for the sleep time, it was pretty easy to wake early and sleep early.  

LO7- Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions

Many people don’t take care of themselves, their mental health and peace. I realized it late, but I now believe that it is very important for one to reflect and take a step back from our daily problems, tasks, and give time to ourselves. These 40 minutes of meditation and yoga have changed so much in my life that I am a very different person now. I have been more focused, more patient, more peaceful person than ever. I have decided to give 1 hour to me in the morning, and it feels so great to do so. I definitely think this was a good choice and action I did and it benefited me a lot.

The learner profile attributes that I showcased in this experience were firstly, Inquirer- as learning new yoga asanas would make me an inquirer, and also while meditating I will be an inquirer as to answer and question myself, my thoughts, my actions, feeling etc. Secondly, Knowledgeable- learning yoga and different types of meditation would expand my knowledge of that and also myself. Thirdly, Communicator- as while practicing yoga and meditation, we communicate and be in sync with our own bodies and souls. Foruthly, Caring- as deciding to practice yoga and meditation everyday, is me taking care of my own body, mental peace, and wellbeing. Moreover, Reflective- because in meditation I often reflect my own feelings, thoughts, actions, and many more things which made me have clear perspectives. And lastly, Balanced- as in order to practice this everyday, I had to schedule my sleep time accordingly. I slept at 12 sharp and completed all of my studies and other work before, so that I could have a proper 7 hours of sleep, to wake up early and do this.

To conclude, I would definitely say this was a success. This entire experience made me more calm, peaceful, energetic, focused, and efficient. It was so great to wake early and watch sunrise. My father was so proud of me waking up early and doing these stuff, this motivated him to start to jog in the morning. Again this is not the end, I look forward to learning more asanas, increasing my meditation time, as many others do 2-3 hours everyday. The things I learnt and the experience I had doing this, I would use it in my entire life, and keep improving. Whenever I have more feelings, or the urge to sort things out in my mind, I would meditate, or write in my journal. These techniques to calm down, and focus on my breathing would help me whenever I have need in my life.


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