CAS Experience (Cricket Tournament and Clothes donation)

A cricket tournament was organized in our city, I played with my friends as a team and won cash price (As a part of CAS experience Activity). We won Rs. 5000 and then we decided to buy clothes from people and donate it to the needy ones living on the streets. We were able to donate clothes to approx 23 people.(As a part of CAS experience Service)

Learning Outcome 1

Me and my friends love playing cricket and each and every of my friend plays cricket very well. We took this as an advantage and participated in the tournament to play well and win the cash prize. We had good coordination within the team and were able to analyse the game of the opposite teams easily and this helped us win the tournament.

Learning Outcome 2

The most challenging thing was distribution of the clothes. There were many people around, all of different sizes and shape and we had limited amount of clothes to distribute. This was my first time experiencing this type of service. I was confused and also was feeling very happy to see people accepting what we gave them happily. Taking this challenge made me realise how lucky I am to have everything I want and also learnt that we should always be happy with what we get.

Learning Outcome 7

The most ethical choice we made was using the prize money for the purpose of buying clothes and then donating it. This decision made us all very happy because we were able to make people smile and that’s what we wanted out of this. We as a human should help each other in order to survive on this planet and that’s what made us do the charity.

Cricket tournament
Clothes donation

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