CAS Experience (Horse Riding)

From my childhood, I am very fond on animals. They are the best creation of God. As a part of my CAS experience, I learnt horse riding as an activity. I was really scared at first but then as I started learning, it became the best thing I’ve ever experienced.

Learning Outcome 1

I love spending time animals, especially horses. Taking this as an advantage I decided to learn horse riding (at least the basics), I was able to coordinate with the horse as I’ve the capability to understand animal action and emotion. This made me feel confident while learning how to ride a horse. The most important thing was confidence and coordination. I’ve always reflected upon my strengths and that’s what makes me feel confident while learning a new skill or experience. I was able to sit properly, with perfect body posture and coordinate with the horse’s mind.

Learning outcome 2

My body wasn’t much flexible while I started to learn horse riding. It was difficult for me to sit up on the saddle directly. I thought I won’t be able to do it but gradually I was able to sit directly after I made my body a bit flexible. I was not ready for this challenge because I had never done something like this before. My instructor guided me very well. He was always there to catch my mistake and guide me to the right direction. He asked me to do warm up exercises to increases flexibility and this lead me to become a good rider. When it comes to challenges, first I feel that it won’t be possible for me to do this but as soon as I make up my mindset, the challenges turns into fun for me. As an IB student I’ve learnt that challenges help you build your experience and self esteem and that is what I always keep in my mind.

Learning outcome 4

Horse riding was totally a new experience for me. I wasn’t ready to do it in the beginning and I was scared. I didn’t have the self-esteem to boost my confidence. Horse riding is fun but also very tough at the same time because here you have to control an animal who has the same emotions and strength like we humans do. You have to be mentally prepared and patient while learning horse riding and that’s what I learned. I got scared in the beginning and was going to quit horse riding before even learning it. All the points I mentioned above helped me go through the journey of this experience. I committed myself to learn to ride and as soon as I started building up the confidence I was able to stick to the commitment. Commitment is very important because it helps you experience various things and gives you lifelong lessons. Once you commit to something, you don’t have the option to look back, I followed the things taught by the instructor and also kept researching on the internet about horse riding, and this what made my confidence boost and stayed committed to myself.


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