CAS Reflection – Head Organiser of Hindi Immersion event

LO-1 – As a IB student, I have organised a few other events in my middle years programme(MYP). Therefore, I thought this was a good opportunity to showcase and enhance my leadership skills so I opted for the opportunity and got approved by the DP Hindi Team Leader for this role. I was the head of the event wherein I was supposed to make sure that everything is up to the date and the preparation is going smoothly. 

LO-2 – Being the head of the event is an arduous job. This is because I was supposed to communicate with teachers and the other members regularly to understand whether everyone was on the same page or not. Furthermore, my co-leader and I had to decide which activities to include in the event, and make sure that the message of ‘Promoting the native language’ along with entertainment was crucial. All this enhanced my time-management, decision-making and communication skills. 

LO-3 – This CAS experience was an initiative taken by me. Although the final D-day(event day) was the most important, it could have not been successful without proper planning behind the scenes. My co-leader and I finalized all the decisions about things that were needed to be added or removed. We scheduled multiple meetings with the members and the teachers separately as well as together to plan the event. These meetings would sometimes last an hour or maybe more sometimes. Except for these my colleagues and I had personal discussions too before making decisions. 

LO-4 – I was committed to the task and responsibility I had initiated for. I was serious and diligent at both when I was given tasks by the teachers and when the members required help from me. 

LO-5 – Along with me there was one co-leader and 12 other members who were a part of this event. We were supposed to regularly communicate with them and held meetings after school hours. Although the collarations with others is difficult sometimes, it can be beneficial too. It promotes creativity and the work is done faster. Also, with this the work can be divided amongst people with different sets of responsibilities and make the event smoother. My communication skills were really brushed up throughout the process as communication was the key to an effective process. 

LO-7 – While doing the tasks and responsibilities, I was dedicated and did them ethically. I did not take help from other people outside the event or asked any other person to complete my work. I actively participated in this CAS experience and learnt a lot from it. 

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