CAS- Vistosa event

(C-creativity, S-service)

The Vistosa festival was a fundraiser flea organised by 11 students of Fountainhead school. Our profit was donated to the Disable Welfare Trust Of India, founded by Kanubhai Tailor. The event consisted of food and shopping stalls by local businesses, as well as live music performances. The event took place over the weekend so that people could enjoy their leaves and we could gain maximum revenue. It wasn’t only beneficial for us, but also to the stall holders through providing (them) with a platform to express and advertise their businesses and USPs.

LO4- commitment and perseverance
Perseverance and commitment was necessary because it constantly challenged our ability to initiate ‘the event’ that people were expecting for. Our city has just started experiencing frequent festivals like these, so every event that comes up is commented upon by visitors as to how they liked it and is compared to the last event they had been to. Perseverance seeped-in into tiny acts like putting an instagram story about the event and bringing it to light, when we missed our tuitions to work at the venue, as well as taking out time from our schedules to meet and discuss. Acts like these were necessary for the success of the event. It was challenging, but if we wouldn’t show the amount of commitment that we did, it would be like any other event accepted for the imperfections.

LO5- working collaboratively
I’m a fairly open minded person, so working collaboratively has always been a plus one for me. The organizers were mostly art students so we understood each other through similar lenses. I can think of no moment where I had to work with someone who was difficult to deal with- because we all considered and accepted others’ opinions. I do recall the discussion of finalizing the photo booths wherein we had multiple options but had to select a few- we had disagreements but they were never ‘hard to deal with’. I believe that it is important to work collaboratively because in scenarios like these, the success of the projects depend upon how quickly and collaboratively we come up to conclusions in decision making.

LO6- global engagement
The Vistosa festival was designed with the purpose of contributing something to the society. Our profit was donated for the betterment of education for the differently-abled children. This took us a step closer to sustainable development, by addressing one of the sustainable development goals by the UN- quality education. Knowing about global issues makes us live consciously, in a good way. It constantly questions whether what we are doing is ethically correct and will it have a negative impact on others. Moreover, being aware of such an issue makes me feel grateful about the privileges I have. Using my privilege and working on this CAS activity makes me feel more connected to the society.

LO7- Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and action
The ethical issue involved in this activity was the time of conduction. The event was placed when covid cases in our city had again started to rise. However, we made sure that the event was legally allowed, meaning we had the permission of the government. People who were not wearing masks were constantly asked to wear one. We were also forced to close the entries because the crowd increased at an unexpecting rate. I wasn’t even allowed to bring my friends in, they had to wait for more than 20 minutes when the entries were closed.

Overall, the event was a success. I enhanced being a communicator, risk-taker, balanced, open-minded, thinker, caring, and reflective. I can link this event to the ibdp subject arts, because that is a major contributor to my creative inputs for this project. I could think of no ‘one’ highlight of the event, because the whole process from the planning to the implementation has been thrilling and memorable. This activity benefited many stakeholders- our stall holders got a platform to voice their businesses, our visitors got an enjoyable weekend, and most importantly- children with needs were donated with the needful. The event definitely brought a sense of accomplishment and enjoyment to me. I learned a lot and I think the only thing I’d change if we were to do this event again, is rent a larger space.

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