i have this habit to doodle , so why use that habit and make something out of it. so basically i draw what i see and sell it. there’s this famous saying that pushed me “don’t photograph it , draw it.”

i’ve been good at art, never thought about putting it out there publicly and monetise it , through this ib necessity for completing CAS experience i got a chance to do something about it and this made me overcome my self doubt about my drawing skills the social anxiety and what not.


Creativity- i use my skills to draw random drawings

Activity – Art is a diverse range of human activities involving the creation of visual.

Service- i sell these paintings and use some amount of money earned to feed stray dogs


LO1- through this experience i got a sense of my strength , it somehow made me expand my imagination helped me give a picture to my abstract thoughts and its therapeutic , this strength gave me a sense of inner peace a sense of accomplishment , i get when i look at the drawing i started from the scratch and there is going to be a huge difference between the first piece of my art and the latest model. there has been improvement and development of my art knowledge

LO2- i have faced many hurdles throughout the path of this page, one of the most crucial hurdle was to find audience i mean i have my drawing but there’s nobody to look at it and admire it, so finding an audience was a task but then gradually the talent glimmered its way through and other major difficulty was to find time and patience to draw because i didn’t draw it just for the sake i draw to make it look alive , i mean i try i sure am not the great da vinci but the point is good things take time and to scooch art time was tricky.

LO3- initiating this art project wasn’t hard because i had one in hand i just had to post and people wanting to buy it , contact me through direct messages but the taxing part was to maintain the demand , flow of the streaks and to maintain the old audience whilst gather new .

LO4- i’ve been at it for about 7-8 months with 20+ art pictorials , im dedicated to what i started because i look forward to it.

LO5- benefits of this project are that i have a hobby , i have it monetised, it is therapeutic , it gives me a feeling of an accomplishment , helps me expand my thinking domain and i grow as an artist .



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