A dog is more loyal than a friends.Before with my society friends i use to feed dogs priorly and i always use to be scared when ever they approach towards me for the milk and biscuits gradually it had become and habitat and now i go on weekends for feeding stray dogs which makes me feel positive and helps me reduce my stress as they simple and ask for more of the biscuits.

We should respect the animals living on the land as we also destroy their habitat and we urbanisation and we leave them in the wrong conditions and not take care and provide for them so on every week I use to go with my friends and feed dogs. Due to school I had started to go on weekends with my friends to provide food to them. And the simple and the carving which i see after they eat makes me feel happier and pleasant and removes all my stress.

It is simply moral to take care of quiet spirits, since we are the ones who obliterate their territory and wellspring of nourishment for our advantage, at that point it is our obligation to make new living space and food hotspot for them, this moral issue consistently influenced me I’m extremely enthusiastic towards creatures and seeing them endure truly harms my heart, henceforth I need to accomplish something for them, at whatever point I went with my grandpa I used to take cover behind him, fearing cows yet now I don’t discover them alarming yet happy. 

My last takeaway is that it is our obligation to help creatures, and we ought to wholeheartedly satisfy it, so we can effectively live upto the expression “humankind”


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