CAS Reflection | Cooking | creativity

It is a stereotype that all women should know how to k=cook but it is a survival skill that everyone know.It is a step towards independent life that requires to have a good grasping power and understanding how useful this technique is. In the start I want to be able to cut onion and peel potatoes in the start that helped release that I need to start doing so that it is helpful for me in the future. 

My strength is that I am always curious about learning new things for any kind. And my weakness is that i get distracted easily and i lose focus while working and my interest to do the work.As i have pinpointed to my strength and weakness it is easy to be focused as there are no distractions due to pandemic I will focus and hear from my mom as i would not have any distraction so my mom helped me be commitment for it and learnt it with focus and learnt properly .moreover it is necessary that we make our weakness the strength to compete. And create more weakness to see the change in yourself.

This experience helped me understand how cooking are challenging for the help how takes time, precision, effort, patience as being a beginner i did not get the estimate and did not have the power of judging the requirement of salt or water or etc. hence it took me a lot of time to understand the same, i still can just cook recipes with proper measurements and steps. I feel great that I have undertaken this experience. Cooking is a skill that everyone should know, it is very important in order to be independent and hence i found this experience very helpful and also fun. I can use this skill when I go to study abroad. This skill will surely come in handy.

As I easily lose my focus it was a challenge and my mom helped me be committed as she always called me while preparing for dinner whenever i forget to go and help her.

To conclude is that if we try we can overcome our weaknesses, and also, learning new skills that can help in making you independent is very important so that we don’t rely on anyone for our own survival.


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