Online Course – Creativity

At the very beginning of grade 11, I was interested in Product Designing and, while searching about that as a career, I came across this online course at Coursera, “Designing of Artifacts in the society by the Wharton University of Pennsylvania.” and thought that this might help me clear out the confusion that I had. So I enrolled in this course. It was a six-week-long course led by Professor. Karl T. Ulrich.
Learning outcomes 1,3,4
L1: At the very beginning of this course, many terms and concepts were easy to understand because it was taught to me previously, but as I completed the sessions and moved forward, it became difficult for me to understand a few terminologies and concepts, as they were new to me. After each week, there was a quiz that was supposed to be fill. As it got difficult for me to understand, it even got hard for me to fill up the weekly quiz and assignments. I decided to go through all the videos and sessions again and took notes. After which, I tried to complete the quiz and assignments.
L3&4: As this was an online course, I had to be proactive and set timers to complete the sessions and assignments before the deadline. After a few weeks, it became difficult for me to organize as I had online school, school assignments, and the course’s assignments were lengthy. So I decided to make a goal, that each day I will have to complete at least two sessions and one assignment. Through this, it allowed me to have consistency and perseverance in my work. A six-week-long course is bound to have a heavy curriculum which can be tiresome and challenging to an extent.
By the end of this course, I had learned many new concepts and, it made me clear as to what I want in the future. I have completed the course and gained the maximum knowledge from it.

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