Growing plants (Service)

I believe that plants make our lives brighter simply by being in a room with us, whether clustered on window sills, suspended from ceilings in hanging baskets or on the Patio. I started planting different plants in the lockdown in my house which made it look more lively and green.

LO2: Demonstrates that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process.
I absolutely love plants but when it comes to taking care of them, feeding them water regularly, I forget and consequently they die. It was very difficult for me to water these plants regularly, however as I saw them all growing and flourishing, I felt responsible for them thus I started reminding myself to water and take care of them. At times, when I was occupied or wasn’t home, I asked someone to water them for me. In a way this experience made me more responsible and caring.

LO3:Demonstrate how to plan and initiate a CAS experience
Starting this experience was very exciting, I went to plant shopping with my mom and she taught me how to plant a plant. But over time, the experience got boring as the fun part got over and a regular takh of watering just added up. When I started planting I was not sure as to where I was going to keep the plants, first I thought I would keep them on my window sills but then I realised that a very limited amount of sunlight reaches there and eventually the plant will die if kept their so I decided to keep them in my balcony itself.

LO4:Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences
Plants need constant care and nursing, not sticking by them during their growth period can cause you pain. Speaking with experience, commitment to your plants is very necessary for their growth. Not watering them on a regular basis or not changing their pot after they grow is not an option. This experience demanded full commitment and perseverance.

LO6: Demonstrates engagement with issues of global significance
I didn’t plant plants in public spaces but planting them at my own house was a step thus this experience covers a SDG ‘Life on land’. My house now has more than 20 plants hanging through the ceilings or in the balcony. The action that you take will always start from your own house and gradually reach a lot of houses. Life on land is due to plants and solely because of plants therefore growing them is a need.

To conclude, this was a very changing experience for me, having plants around my house now makes me feel peaceful as well as provide a constant source of oxygen. Plants made me a responsible and caring person in the process of its growth.

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