CAS- Providing food to needy (Service)

During the pandemic, everyone was facing challenges in day to day life, but at least rich or middle-class people didn’t have to fight for food, unfortunately, the underprivileged people found it difficult to feed themselves and their families. So I decided to donate their food packets and try to solve their problems. The learning outcomes which it provides were

LO3- Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience, I was sitting with my dad and he was watching the news on television, there I found out that poor people are finding it difficult to survive in this pandemic. I talked with my dad and decided to provide food packets to these people to help them. So with the help of my family, one weekend we went to slum areas and provided fresh food packets to them.

LO6 -Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance, the global issue which made me pursue this was hunger and poverty, after finding out about millions of people starving I wanted to do something, I wanted to help as much as I could. To conclude this experience taught me that donating to needy is a great way to improve the community and also myself as a member of the community.


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